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Pulp Fiction cover

Pulp Fiction cover

I feel that Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is it’s self part of Pop(ular) culture  and is ingrained into a specific generations up bringing. It ultimately transcends that generation gap where a film made at a similar time (1994) could have stuck in the past as memories. But pulp fiction doesn’t it feels current.

Tarantino constantly references Pop culture, through; TV advertisements, food packaging, music, children’s cartoons, even printed fabric. All of which I feel is used by Tarantino to convey how we consume and have “POP” items around us in our lives. His use of violence also lends itself to the large majority of peoples idea of cinema and what is important in action films.

Things blowing up, drug taking, passionate sex, people being shot, sliced and generally injured is popular. audiences what to see it. Tarantino includes this violence in his films but in a way which I think is different to a regular repetitive action films, due to it’s snappy dialogue, diverse narrative structure. But most importantly it’s POP aesthetic.


POP goes the weasel





YAYOI KUSAMA  a very well known Japanese artist. Famous for her drawings, sculptures and in both her polka dots. Her art being very bright and “POPI” brings this interest to the table. Young and adult people can enjoy her work and can relate to her pieces.

After having successful exhibitions both in London, NY and between other cities as well Kusama parter her style and her designs to Louis Vuitton house. Before you pay at entrance and “ENJOY” the show, now you can pay the SHOW and enjoy the “entrance”… a polite way of saying that in my opinion when this kind of things happen is not always good. for me is not always good to make POPULAR ART = POPULAR MARKETING which in my opinion is definitely not the same.


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THIS is where it starts.

Without Nicki Minaj referring to herself as Barbie she wound’t have BARBS , so BARB is used in POP culture and is a POP word. Right?

Cover 3

This is a direct paste from the caption of the girl’s video: “me gettin my barbie on lol i was bored n felt like doin nicki so here it is enjoy I AM JUST IMITATING NICKI IM NOT TRYING TO BE HER!”


Another girl covering the same part.


Girl does rap to Nicki Minaj’s lyrics in song Bottoms up.

This option explores…

Pop(ular) Culture Elective

Pop(ular) Culture: 


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“This option explores popular culture allied to social theory and its relationship to market structure and the creative process. Popular culture changes constantly and occurs uniquely in place and time and forms currents and eddies that represent a complex of mutually interdependent perspectives and values. The unit will include a broad range of case studies and examples from a range of design and media disciplines including visual communication, fashion, music and print and broadcast media.”


Is it this we should be talking about?

Popular culture

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popular_culture
 Popular culture is the entirety of ideasperspectivesattitudesmemes,[1] images and other phenomena that are preferred[citation needed] by an informal consensus within the mainstream of a given culture

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